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“Can I mix GUTHEALTH+ into hot chocolate, milkshakes and shakes?”

Yes absolutely. A great way to use GUTHEALTH+ is in drinks simply add in and mix well. Even the kids will never know its in there.

“Some other brands of probiotics claim numbers like 10 Billion and 15 Billion per serve why is GUTHEALTH+ only 1.5 Billion.”

We use a clinically proven strain that is proven to reach the large intestine and colon. Bacillus Coagulans are a spore forming culture that are extremely tuff and resilient. So the recommended dose per day is 1 Billion to 2 Billion as these will reach the colon. Unlike other cultures that need high numbers some even not having solid evidence of reaching the colon or large intestine. Bacillus Coagulans also work together well with the prebiotics in GUTHEALTH+

“If I’m taking another fibre source product or Natural Evolution Green Banana Resistant Starch can I still take GUTHEALTH+?”

Yes you can but reduce the other supplement or alternate on days. GUTHEALTH+ is high in the 3 fibre groups so there is no need to take any other.

“If I am taking other Probiotics can I still take GUTHEALTH+?”

Yes you can but maybe alternate the days your taking this. GUTHEALTH+ contains a very proven and special strain Bacillus Coagulans but also check with your health consultant anyway.

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