GUTHEALTH+ 800 grams

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4-6 weeks Supply



Guthealth+ 3-in-1 MultiFibre is a unique synergy of the 3 fibre groups, vitamins and minerals naturally derived from green banana and
sweet potato to deliver optimum health and wellness


Green Banana Resistant Starch, Gold sweet potato powder, Jerusalem Artichoke powder (inulin), Bacillus Cougulans.


Add to food, drinks and even a hot chocolate for the kids. GUTHEALTH+ is easy to incorporate into your daily diet. Don’t re-invent your diet simply add this to your daily life. Smoothies, Shakes, Juice and water it is easy and wholesome. Having muesli in the morning simply sprinkle over it. Having some yoghurt, simply sprinkle over it. Making a soup simply add while warm to hot in the bowl.


3 reviews for GUTHEALTH+ 800 grams

  1. Linda C.

    Starting using this 2 weeks ago and am amazed and thrilled with its effect on my body…thank you!!!

  2. Belinda M

    One of our favourite products!!!!

  3. Luke C

    I love it. I have Chrons disease which is currently not active, but have been struggling with bowel problems for years. Since I have started taking Guthealth+ they have gone away! I have told work mates and friends about it. Thanks heaps.

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